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記号番号: 12390-39757491

店名 二三八店(ニサンハチテン)
取引種類 普通
口座番号 3975749
受取人名 CCC事務局(シ?シ?シ?ジムキヨク:カルバリー・チャペル・カンファレンス事務局)

Even in this situation may Christ's Church be blessed all over Japan. Also, through our Calvary family may the body of Christ be built up and the kingdom of God spread through our fellowship to other churches and ministries.

Upon prayerful consideration, financial offerings to help support the ministry of Calvary Chapel Japan Conference can be donated through the account below:

[Japan Post Bank]
Code number: 12390-39757491

Branch: 238 store (Nisan Hachiten)
Transaction type: Normal
Account number Code: 3975749
Recipient name: CCC secretariat (CCC JIMKYOKU: Calvary Chapel Conference Secretariat)